New Snow

Yesterday was the first snow of the season.  The ride into work was not very good, and the one home was even worse.  The roads had not been plowed or sanded, and I was glad to get home and wrap up in fleece.  Of course, when it got to be today, I had to get out to the trails and see what they looked like.

Running shoes didn’t seem like a good idea today, but that’s okay because I have new boots.  Now that I wear minimalist shoes full-time, I had to find boots that didn’t feel like walking on stilts. While there are plenty of minimalist shoes out there, boots are much harder to find.  I found a few models, but one was reviewed as not very waterproof, and another was too high and had to be ordered from overseas.  So when I found these boots from Inov-8, they seemed like a good compromise. They have a little bit of midsole, and a 6mm drop, but they are light and flexible, and made with Gore-tex. They’re actually made for mountain running, so they don’t slide on my feet at all.  They should be good with snowshoes, too, if we get more snow.  (I hope we don’t.  Last winter was really nice.)

Often, in the middle of the day, I have the woods to myself, but not today.  Right at the dam, I ran into a guy who was geo-caching.  He said he tried to come out yesterday, but the roads were too bad and he went right home. And there was a very polite dog person with a big dog on a leash not far from the new bridge.  I made sure to thank him for leashing the dog. There were some cross country ski tracks near the parking lot.  It took me a while to figure out what made the tracks.  There really isn’t enough snow for snowshoes, so I figured it would be the same for skis.  And at many places on the trail, I came across a set of big footprints accompanied by dog prints.  They were not on the trail, but all over the woods.  I wonder if that person always walks off the trails, but nobody notices when there aren’t footprints in the snow.

I need to check the beaver dam regularly.  The water level seems to change very fast.  It was high today, and there seems to be a lot more water upstream on the east side (top left of this picture). There seemed to be a lot of ducks in the river, and every time I passed a bunch, they flew away with much quacking and splashing.  I wonder where they all came from?

The new bridge is another place I need to check often.  It was still up high out of the water.  There was a flock of panicked ducks right near it.  When the bridge was built, the guy driving the construction equipment cut a path thru the woods for access.  There are big piles of wood at both ends, probably to prevent the motorcycle guys from using it as a trail. There are always a few cars parked up at the dam: a silver Xterra, a green Corolla, and a green CRV.  I assume they belong to people who work there, but I have never seen a ranger out on the trails.  They only seem to drive vehicles around the project.  Seems like a waste of what could be a really cool job.  Well, the weather is supposed to be warm this weekend.  I’ll be glad to see the snow melt.  I hope it stays gone!


One thought on “New Snow

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