A Trail Runner’s Thanksgiving

Some things to be thankful for, not in any particular order:

…Living close to the trails

…Whatever person thought up Merrell Trail Gloves, best running shoe ever

… the people at Inov-8 who designed my mud shoes

…The Wigwam company for making such great socks, and they are black (why would anyone buy white socks?)

…All the polite people I meet out on the trails: hikers, runners, disc golfers, mountain bikers, motorcycle guys, horseback riders, geocachers (but not the dog people because they are rarely polite)

…Hot, hot, hot sunny days, warmish days are okay, too, but not  so much for cold, wet ones

…The new bridge

…The USACE who built the bridge and maintains the project that make the trails possible

…My family who doesn’t care that I disappear to run

…The guys who fly the cool little airplanes in the field

…The gas company for mowing the gas line

…The people who clean the bathroom

…The genius who invented polarfleece and other high-tech fabrics

…Road Id

…Ben’s 100% DEET bug spray

…The person who thought of making a water bottle to wear on a belt

…A job that encourages fitness

…All the people who think it’s weird that I run in the woods (and even more the ones who don’t think it’s weird), maybe they will try it one day

…The organizers of all the events that happen at the dam: running race, bike race, motorcycle races, horseback events, boy scout events (and I’m sure there are more)

Thank you, and go run!


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