Tiny Airplanes in the Field (and a Helicopter, too)!

Just imagine, it’s a beautiful, sunny, warm, summer afternoon. You are running along the French River near the beaver dam by the gas line.  There is a light breeze.  You can hear frogs, birds, the river running, and the electric whine of airplanes. Wait…what?  What do you mean the electric whine of airplanes?  Well, in the field along the gas line, on the west side of the river, there is a little airfield.


Often, on days when there is little or no wind, the airplane guys are out in the field flying their remote control airplanes. They are the coolest little things, swooping and diving in the air!  I’ve seen planes that look like mini jets, little biplanes, and some that are just bare bones.  The easiest ones to spot are bright colors: red, yellow, hot pink, or orange. I always worry that the planes will crash.  (Once  I saw a tiny broken plane near the trail (sad face)). So that got me to wondering how expensive of a hobby this might be.

I found this website that sells model planes. There is a wide range of prices, from $29 to well over $300. I would be nervous about crashing a very expensive model plane!  So then I tried to find info about the airfield, and if there was a club with a website that was based there. Well, the club that flies out of the airfield  unfortunately doesn’t seem to have a website

Here is a view of the field from the gas line. (Its not always this dusty.  A couple of summers ago, guys from the quarry were digging in the area near the airfield).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Right now, it’s hunting season, so not many people are out in the woods during the week.  But everyone makes up for it on Sunday when there is no hunting allowed.  This Sunday there were disc golfers, mountain bikers, motorcycle guys, hikers, and me.  As I ran along the trail heading to the field, I heard something flying, but it didn’t sound like the planes I usually hear.  Turns out that it was a little helicopter!  It was spinning and diving through the air over the field and the woods…so cool!!!!

I went over to talk to the pilot, and he confirmed that the club is private, and has no website, kind of disappointing. His helicopter was mostly bones and wires, without much skin covering it.  He said he was still working on it and tuning it up.  Seems like a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon 🙂

So, the next Sunday afternoon when it is clear and still (or any day of the week during the summer) follow your ears and go check out the little flying machines!


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