East Side (Trails for Hunting Season)


There are about 15 miles of trails at Hodges Village Dam, but the ones I like the best are on the west side of the river.  The west side is much bigger, so you have many more choices, there is more cool stuff to see, and there are fewer dog people.  But unfortunately it’s hunting season (primitive firearms right now), and hunting is allowed on the west side.  So, to be safe, running has to be on the east side.

The trails on the east side tend to be wider, a lot of them more like dirt roads than actual trails; still better than pavement though.  And there are a few interesting things to see, so here a some of them.


This is behind the high school.  It is a climbing wall, and near it there are logs attached sideways to trees, maybe for balancing.  But the sign says to keep off, so I do.


There used to be a bridge here.  It was damaged by years of ice and floods, and was almost impossible to walk across any more.  The Corps of Engineers was going to replace it this fall, but the guy who does the work says it got too muddy, and he was afraid the backhoe would get stuck.  So for now, you can cross the swampy place on the downed trees.


This bridge is just south of Greenbrier.  It’s only been here for a few years.  Before that, on a good day you could cross on the rocks, and on a bad day you got wet feet.  There are cement pipes running under the bridge to keep the water moving, but one of them is blocked by a huge pile of debris.  If it keeps building up, the bridge will be under water one of these days.


This bridge has seen better days.  It cuts off a corner of the trail that goes around the base of the Aquarion hill. You have to slow down crossing it, but at least feet stay dry!


This is a very weird thing that I can’t figure out.  If you stand on the bridge pictured above, and look towards Route 12, there are some pipes sticking out of the water.  They look kind of like the filler pipe for my oil tank.  Does anyone have any ideas about what they are?


Hiding below Route12 between Greenbrier and the high school, is a bit of old route 12.  Standing on the old road, you can see right under the new road.

So, while you have to stay off the west side trails because of hunting, go find these things on the east side.  Happy hunting!!


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