Running Reflections for the New Year


Some thoughts for the new year:

Outside is always better than inside, even if the weather is bad.

Trail is always the first choice.  Dirt road is not as good, but still better than pavement.  Being a hamster on a treadmill may burn the calories you eat today, but it doesn’t  feed any of your mental needs.

You can never have too many running shoes.  You need an extra pair in case one is wet.  You need a pair for muddy days, and a warm pair for the winter.  You need colors that will make your feet happy (white shoes are never happy!). And maybe some to just walk around in.

It’s never too cold to run.  Just wear more clothes.

It’s also never too hot to run.  Just stay off the pavement and under the trees.

Even if you are a gadget person, run sometime with no HRM, GPS, or iPod.  Just enjoy the run.

Running with other people is good  It makes you run faster and be more sociable.

Running alone is good.  The woods are nice when it’s quiet.

Running is best.  If you like other workouts, too, the best ones involve hitting stuff (or hitting people).

Try a new trail once and a while.  There may be something interesting to see at the other end.

Talk to people you meet out in the woods. (Unless they have a dog)

Look at the neat stuff along the trail:  critters, birds, the beaver dam, mushrooms, bugs, bridges, downed trees, flowers, lily pads, stone walls, and the little airplanes flying in the field.

A little mud never hurt anyone.  And unless it’s below freezing, wet feet aren’t the end of the world, either.

The worst part of running in the rain is getting out the door.  Once you are wet, it doesn’t matter any more.

If you are running alone, don’t forget your Road ID.

Be aware of hunting seasons.

New shoes are always an excuse to go out for a run!

Cotton is the enemy.  High tech polyester is your friend.

Sometimes, take your phone running.  Slow down and take some pictures.

Run your regular course in the opposite direction once in a while.  It’s amazing how different it looks this way.

Make sure your car key is zipped into a pocket, or securely pinned to you.

Don’t buy white socks.  After the first time you run in them, they will never look clean again.

Keep a pair of running shoes in the car.  Then, if you have a chance, you can always get a run in.

Go play outside!!


One thought on “Running Reflections for the New Year

  1. N.G. Davis says:

    Totally. To all of the above.

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