DIY Shoes!

I have always liked sandals, but since I started wearing more minimalist shoes, my Birkenstocks have felt too heavy, with too much arch.  So I tried different sorts of flip-flops, but I really like my shoes to fit tightly to my feet, and the sloppy fit drove me nuts.  I may have found the solution:  DIY sandals from Xero Shoes.

Xero Shoes makes very DIY kits that require you to cut your own footbed, and a less crafty kit that comes with pre-cut soles.  That’s the option I went with.


The kit came by mail in just two days.  It includes pre-cut soles, laces, a leather punch, and a little brochure.


The first step is to figure out where you need the laces to come thru from the bottom.


Then you punch the holes with a hammer and the included punch.  The directions suggested putting a magazine under the soles before punching.  That was a good idea since the holes the punch made in the magazine would have been much worse in the floor!

The next step is to pull the lace thru the toe hole.  The kit had a bobby pin in it to help with this.


There are directions on the website for basic lacing that can start many different lacing methods.


I first tried the lacing style that Xero Shoes uses for their custom kits (you can send them a tracing of your foot, and have your sandals delivered pre-made). But that still seemed like a sloppy fit.


So I spent some time on You Tube, and found some gladiator-style lacing that I like.


This seems comfortable, and they stay put on my feet when I walk around.  Anna thinks that it will be a pain to tie them every time I put them on, but that’s no different than what I have to do with sneakers or boots. I’ll keep you posted.  Now, put something on your feet (or not if you prefer) and go play outside!


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