Go Outside!!



Do yourself a favor, and try to get outside everyday this year.  It’s really easy to say that you will do it, but then convince yourself that many days are too cold, too hot, too wet, too snowy, too sleepy, too anything that will keep you in.  Working out everyday is a great thing, but I think it’s even better if you can take it outside.  

People tend to be very disconnected to the outdoors.  We have heat in the winter, and air-conditioning in the summer.  Many even have remote car starters so their delicate selves don’t have to be cold till the car warms up.  Try to re-engage with the outside.  Pay attention to how windy it is in the winter, to the dust on the trail in the summer, to how your regular running spot changes with the seasons, to what is going on in your neighborhood.

If you can explore new places, that’s great.  Find a rail trail.  Pick a vacation spot where there are trails, or nice sidewalks to get around on.  If you are visiting a big city, see if there is a bike share.  You will see new places very differently from your feet or bike, than through a car window.

And if you don’t go anyplace new, that’s okay too.  It’s interesting to see how a neighborhood or trail changes with the seasons and the weather.



This is what the dam looks like when it’s flooded.



And this is what it looks like when it’s frozen.  You can watch the progress of construction in town, the seasons of your neighbor’s garden, or how the town common looks in the summer, and when it’s decorated for Christmas.  

There are very few days when it’s too anything to get outside.  Dress in layers for the winter, lots of layers.  They should be coolmax, fleece, or down.  Cotton is your enemy  because it doesn’t breathe or wick very well.  Dress in light clothes for the summer, either cool loose layers, or minimal clothing, whichever works better for you.  If the heat bothers you, just don’t be out on the pavement in the middle of the day.  If it’s cold and rainy, gore-tex is a great thing.  If it’s warm and rainy, just get wet, people don’t actually melt.

Some people love to get out in the morning (not me!!!).  Some are evening people.  Some like to get out at lunch time.  Others have fewer options, and just steal a few minutes when they can.  Figure out what works for you.  It might not be the same everyday or every season.

So, I challenge you.  Get outside for this new year! 



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