Brrr! It’s cold out there!

It would have been really easy to stay inside today.  It’s cold out…really cold, and windy and it’s been snowing a little all day.  But if I stay in because of that today, I might just use the same excuse tomorrow.  And we all know that staying inside makes you crazy.


Of course the weather channel has a wind chill advisory, telling everyone to stay indoors, and warm.  That’s ridiculous.  If skiers, mountain climbers, and polar explorers survive much colder weather, why should we stay in and risk craziness? There is really no problem with being out in the cold if you dress right.  

I started today with a light fleece shirt.  Covered that with a fleece jacket, and put a puffy coat over that.  (The puffy coat had the added advantage of saving my arm when a dog latched his mouth onto me and the idiot owner didn’t move very quickly to stop it.) Then I added a pair of mid weight tights, covered with heavy fleece tights.  Wool socks, and gore-tex boots kept my feet warm and dry.  Two pairs of gloves almost kept my fingers warm. Hats are a problem…I really hate them.  I’ve found a sort of acceptable alternative called a Buff.



A Buff is a tube of lightweight microfiber that can be worn as a hat, gaiter, scarf, or headband.  It’s light enough to be almost tolerable , and they come in all sorts of great colors.  The one on the left has a fleece neck gaiter attached.  

Having the right gear for cold weather let me get out and see today’s version of the woods.



Mine were not even the first set of footprints out today.



I wonder what the trails will look like tomorrow?  Get outdoors and find out!


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