New Bridge!!

Saturday was public Lands Day (I couldn’t take the day off work because we had demo team tryouts).  Sunday I had to go right out and check the new bridge.  It’s really nice but I didn’t have a camera, so I went back today with my phone.  (iPhone:  multipurpose gadget).  It was chilly, and damp today, so I didn’t wear bug spray.  I’m not sure it would have helped against the really teeny bugs anyway.  And there was a LOT of spider-dancing going on today, not that bug spray would have helped with webs anyway.  








Here is the old bridge, last spring, floated out of place by high water. There was a rope tying it to the trees on both sides, but obviously that wasn’t enough.  And on the right is the start of the new bridge.









Here is the new bridge!! :- )  It’s built on a frame of guardrails and anchored at both ends by what looks like concrete curbstones (3 or 4 on each side).  There are metal cables attached to screws in the concrete, through holes in the bridge, and then tied around trees.

Lets hope the new  bridge is safe from this guy!!!!!