More Green Places in NYC


You all know that my daughter lives in New York City (the Bronx ), and hopefully you’ve all read my post about Van Cortlandt Park.  Well, the last time I went to visit, we found a smaller, but even more amazing park in northern Manhattan, called Fort Tryon Park.

The park is located at the northern tip of Manhattan, overlooking the Hudson River, with views of the George Washington Bridge.  It was the site of a Revolutionary War battle, and later, many wealthy New Yorkers built mansions in the area.


In 1917, John D. Rockefeller bought one of these mansions, and decided to transform the property into a park.  He also purchased land on the New Jersey side of the river, to preserve the views of the Palisades.  Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. (the grandson of one of the creators of Central Park) spent four years transforming the rough landscape into a park full of walls, paths, staircases, and gardens, with beautiful views of the river.


In the middle of the park, there is an awesome museum called The Cloisters.  It’s a branch of the Metropolitan Museum, and houses a collection of Medieval art.  The museum looks like a huge old church. and has many cloister-type gardens and courtyards.




The museum is home to treasures from many old European churches, including stained glass, doors, fountains, and art.  Here is just a small sample.  There is also a famous collection of Unicorn Tapestries at the cloisters.  Personally, I thought they were pretty creepy, and didn’t even take pictures of them.


So, if you find yourself in New York City, and need some green space along with your culture and sightseeing, check out Fort Tryon Park and The Cloisters.  Get outside (and a bit of inside, too)!